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On January 4, 2010, the ERCB launched their EPAP initiative to raise the level of assurance over compliance with the ERCB's measurement and reporting requirements. Accompanying the launch of EPAP is the new Directive 076: Operator Declaration Regarding Measurement and Reporting Requirements. This directive is concerned with the processes and controls operators have in place and their effectiveness to ensure compliance when it comes to their operations.

Our goal at Zedi is to ensure you have easy access to information about EPAP and how to most effectively implement it in your organization. As a Zedi customer, you are already down the path toward implementing effective controls with:

To find out more about how Zedi can help you more easily manage your EPAP requirements, please contact us.

Beginning January 2011, Directive 076 makes it mandatory that operators declare the state of their infrastructure (i.e., controls) in ensuring compliance with ERCB measurement and reporting requirements. Here are some resources and tools to help you get started:

How can our devices and software help you with EPAP?

Zedi devices and software help reduce your risk of non-compliance and decrease your need for controls. We have designed the following video training modules to show you how.

Additional Services – Assessment of your Controls for EPAP Declaration

Beginning January 2011, Directive 076 (EPAP) makes it mandatory that operators declare the state of their infrastructure (i.e., controls) in ensuring compliance with ERCB measurement and reporting requirements.

Zedi has two additional programs to help you through this assessment in order to make your declaration:

EPAP Education Sessions

To help you better understand the impact of EPAP in your organization, Zedi has designed an education program that looks more deeply into EPAP including the terminology, intentions and importantly the requirements of the program for your organization. This course is designed to help you understand what makes a good assessment for EPAP and how to get started.

The material is presented in easy to understand terms and provides a blueprint for ongoing compliance. You will leave feeling more familiar with the EPAP program stages leading up to the declaration and understand the concepts of continuous control assessment, audit and improvement.

This information session will cover:

  • who needs to be involved from your organization, what is expected from producers, and how to prepare the necessary plans that will result in a smooth declaration and enhanced measurement process efficiencies,
  • potential impact to producers of the ERCB’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) position,
  • levels of objectivity required for control assessment and audit judgments,
  • audit sampling basics including sizing and documentation,
  • overview of reasonableness and diligence from an audit perspective,
  • how the Zedi Measurement Assessment Program toolset can make the actual electronic EPAP declaration easier for each compliance theme,
  • general pointers and advice from a certified systems auditor regarding what to expect and how to work with Production Audit Team (PAT) auditors at the ERCB.

To sign your company up for an information session or to get more information, please contact us.

Zedi Measurement Assurance Program

Zedi’s Measurement Assurance Program offers expertise and structure to assess your controls so that you can make your EPAP declaration.

Poor operational controls can lead to non-compliance and to measurement and reporting errors, resulting in higher operational costs. Zedi’s team of experts can help operators not only increase compliance, but also reduce operating costs. Zedi Measurement Assurance experts have extensive measurement experience working for producers in the WCSB and working as production accountants.

With time and resources being precious, the structured process of Zedi’s Measurement Assurance Program will not only perform evaluations with the required and appropriate level of objectivity, but also:

  • ensure that all processes are transparent, tested and documented,
  • ensure compliance with regulations,
  • focus on value when preparing and implementing a remediation plan for control deficiencies,
  • plan for declaration deadline.

More Information on Zedi Measurement Assurance Program

To better understand how our Measurement Assurance Experts can help you, please contact us.

ERCB Links

We watch the ERCB website for important information that you may find helpful. Here is a list of important documents from the ERCB:

  • EPAP Executive Briefing – A two page, ERCB-produced document to get your executives up to speed with EPAP requirements.
  • EPAP Directive 076 – The published directive from the ERCB. The full text of the declaration with its attachments is included as Appendix I.
  • Operator Handbook – A resource guide provided by the ERCB to better understand their expectations for EPAP, what to consider in designing controls and evaluating their effectiveness, how to make your declaration and how to use the ERCB's Compliance Assessment reports to identify and track issues.
  • EPAP related Non-Compliance Events – There are 74 non-compliance events provided by the ERCB related to EPAP. These non-compliance events, including if they are considered high or low risk, can be found in the Field Surveillance and Operations Branch/Technical Operations Group section (beginning on page 12).

For more information regarding EPAP, please contact us.

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